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Our style hasn’t changed over the year, but it has evolved. Here’s an image from the old days that has inspired our present collection.


An Apt 48 summer window display

An Apt 48 summer window display




We showed you our design for the downtown office; now we’ve posted the finished results, which you can see in our portfolio. Because of the tight deadline, this was one of our quickest projects ever. We had a blast doing it, and loved how it turned out.


Concept Drawing


Concept Drawing

office_photo1 office_photo2 office_photo3 office_photo4 office_photo5 office_photo6


Here’s something new:

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 2.27.42 PM

We are fortunate to have our inlay box featured in the premiere issue.


This week our Kitchenware sale was featured in the NY Times. You have one more week to save 25% on select items.


Now that it’s getting warm we should all take on projects that push our design asthetics. I’ve been inspired by the treehouse enthusiasts who have created breathtaking treetop dwellings. Check out treehouse workshop, you’ll be amazed.

tree-house-interior-exterior tree-house-rustic-modern tree-house


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