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The new Brighton fabric by Quadrille comes in all the best colors.



from the National Portrait gallery

a 1940s sailor

Aaron's brother

Justin circa 1998

As usual blue is trending this spring.

An Etro tie from Mr Porter


A Marni tote from Mr Porter

After four wonderful years working at Apartment 48, I am changing paths. In my last blog I’d like to thank all the people I’ve worked with in the store and on the website. This experience has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible and helped foster my life in a new city. I’d especially like to thank Rayman for the opportunity of working in such a creative and interesting place. Being here has meant a lot to me and I’m truly going to miss it.

As someone who is on the fence about colored glass. I find myself surprisingly attracted to stained and leaded glass. In modern pieces, you can find interesting asymmetrical compositions, and an interesting play on scale and color. One uses slices of colorful agate to create a panel. I hope we’ll see a┬áresurgence of stained glass in homes/architecture in the future.


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