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Glazed brick can be hideous or beautiful. It seems like there is no in between! We were traveling on the subway when I noticed the super 70′s orange glazed brick. It did remind me though, that it can be done well. I would love to see more contemporary applications.



When ever I’m in Europe I stop by Flamant. This Belgian design house has several shops all over, but my favorite is in Paris on St Honore.

order is the order of the day

they make their own paints


a strong French vibe resonates throughout




consistently subdued

I really liked this movie. The issues are obvious, and don’t get addressed. It’s just like real life.

I first discovered this bird on the must-see BBC series, “Life.” These birds have many incredible gifts. Though they have a wide range of calls and mimics, they are known for their decorative prowess. Because of the males’ limited plumage, these birds collect and arrange objects of color to entice the female. These are just some of the “designs” discovered.


There is a trend that has been emerging that I absolutely love. Over-dying vintage rugs and carpet to create a beautiful and unique look. The style is achieved using a  submersion dying technique on vintage wool rugs that results in monochromatic colors with a ghost image of the former pattern. I first saw this technique on display at ABC Carpet’s with its Aquasilk line. Now they’re popping up everywhere! It proves that old things can have a new life. Seeing the results, makes me almost want to attempt making my own for a summer project.

overdyed rugs


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