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Each year we keep promising ourselves that we’re going to go back to the gym, stick to a diet, or quit a bad behavior. So why you’re improving yourself with a New Year’s resolution, why not make one of these changes in your home to compliment the new you of 2012.


1. Finally take the time to paint that room you’ve always wanted to be bolder with. The excuse “I’m renting” doesn’t last forever. Think of it as an investment to your well being.

2. You may have broken a couple dishes, glasses, or mugs. Donate your eclectic set and spring for a matching set of something. It doesn’t have to be vanilla, but some¬†consistency helps balance when you’ve taken liberties elsewhere.

3. If you don’t want to spring for a new sofa, freshen up with new throw pillows. If you have a neutral sofa, people are more likely not to notice it when paired with some great colorful pillows.


4. Rotate your artwork. Try something new with it. You can create a whole new vibe with artwork from the thift store; or frame an old print or photo.


Making technology look friendlier:


Ipad cover in stingray

Cardboard radio

wooden flashdrive

Book dock

Gypsy, leather, horseback, evolutionary artifacts, and fantasy travel.


Some stylish ways to brave the elements:

A tent of blankets in the woods

Bronson van Wyck in Africa



I love Gant’s new image. It’s smart. I love the shop on Bleecker. It’s cute. I love their website. It’s inspiring. Here are some still from one their really stylish videos:

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