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Happy Halloween everyone! We’ve shared a lot of Halloween inspirations, but I can never have enough. I thought it would be fun to find some of my favorite orange and black inspired interiors.

photo by Michael Thompson

Sometimes, we’re asked to pick favorites, a favorite song, a favorite color, a favorite image. My all time favorite inspiration is this photo of the studio Christian Lacroix taken by Arthur Elgort in 1988. It reminds me that beauty is not perfection; it inspires me to allow things to be what they want, and to keep a sense of humor about my life and my work. This image reignited my love of interior design and has been my constant reminder to look for beauty in the unexpected.


Originally published in HG circa 1988

My home/office looks super organized. The secret is lots and lots of boxes and the perfect balance of colors. I created a wall of shelves in one corner of my bedroom. This previously unused space is 8′x7′ and only 14″ deep. It’s amazing how much you can fit in a small space if you plan it out well. Fabric samples, wallpapers, client folders, catalogs, and paint swatches all have their place. Almost everything here is functional, but I mixed in some accessories and photographs to make it feel like home.

The bookcase in my bedroom is my office.

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday, and with it right around the corner I thought I’d share some images that get me in the spirit of  the season. I wanted to pay homage with some great decoration ideas and photos from people that go to extremes to make their homes festive. Martha Stewart is the master of Halloween crafts, so many of these great decorations can be found for free on her website. If you’re looking to host your own Halloween party, check out some of these choice items from our site!



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