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Another new shop has opened on 9th st in the east village. It’s called Seyrig; a well curated space with offerings for both men and women. It’s definitely worth a look.

We loved the window display at Seyrig

Reinhard Plank, one of their featured designers

Over the years, I’ve come up with a fool proof way to make any coffee table arrangement look great. When I approach a table, I divide it into zones. These zones are different depending on the shape of the table. As far as appropriate accessories go, I think it depends on your personal style. For me, books are a requirement, then some kind of vase with flowers or a bowl. I love colored glass and anything metallic. Then for the sake of practicality, some sort of tray or coasters are a necessity.

Here are some great coffee table objects from our website, and 3 examples of how to style you can style you own table at home:

square coffee table







round coffee table


rectangular coffee table


We’re always getting questions about ways to improve the look of your bedroom. It may seem like a simple idea, but this is one of the easiest ways to make an impression with your space. I’d say 95% of all bedrooms could be improved with the addition of a headboard. To illustrate my point, I’ve pulled some images of headboards from the internet and erased the headboard in each. You can really see that in makes all the difference in the world. Deciding on a simple solid, or a pattern really depends on the rest of your room. Generally speaking, if you’re going pattern crazy with pillows keep the headboard simple (make it textured if you think it’s too boring). But if you’re more neutral or monochromatic,  creating a contrasting headboard is the perfect way to achieve the spark you’ve been seeking.


Rugby/Ralph Lauren is pushing tweed and cycling for fall.

up coming October 15th bike run in Manhattan

tweed jacket





the tweed run collection

Pal and Smith has apparently opened a home design showroom in California. We love their refreshing point of view.


the shop's owners Melissa and Mark Palazzo

images courtesy of Shelter Pop


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