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When presenting ideas to our clients, we come up with numerous options to show them. Along with paint, fabric and wallpaper swatches we use the computer as a tool to help the client envision the space. We’re currently are working on a preteen’s bedroom, so we wanted to give the client something optimistic and fun. In the end, we went with option 2 with some slight variants. Stay tuned for finished result.



In March, Jay Fielden took over as editor in chief of Town and Country. It’s a great fit for him. The new version of the magazine is the perfect combination of nostalgia, aspiration and tradition. It’s definitely worth taking another look.


I like this guy. His work is consistent, dramatic and beautiful.

Plus, he has great style.


The cover of Margaret Russell's book



When visitng my friend in Dallas I had the pleasure of touring the Ellen S. Holt Inc. showroom where she works. Holt specializes in creating fulling customized handmade trimmings and tassels. They’re doing something truly unique by offering designers full control and still providing a top quality product.


You might have noticed a big trend in lacquered walls. Texture is always a huge consideration when designing a space, so it comes as no surprise that the slick look of lacquer would adorn our interior surfaces. I’m delighted in seeing all the different applications, and various mood evoking effects lacquer has.

I love the way this kitchen takes on another life

Another great room from Elle Decor

Lacquered walls with the upholstered door create a great texture balance

Richard Woods

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