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This room in Oscar de la Renta’s house in the Dominican Republic is my absolute favorite room of all time. He has the best taste ever. I would love to live in it. The combination of the blue and white porcelain with the symmetrical furniture arrangement  make this room feel formal.  Yet, something about the stacks and stacks of books and the way the light filters through seems relaxed. To me, it is heaven.






Creating a story is important for the impact of a still image. Our aim when staging the “Artist’s Soiree” was to create a moment that felt as if it was happening in the present. A lot of planning goes into looking effortless.

This photo that I’ve had for years was the inspiration for  an apartment I decorated in the east village. It was part of a photo shoot done at the Soho Grand five years ago. It captures  a tone I try to replicate in all my work; relaxed, effortless style.

I love the combination of the black and white photo with the Hugo Guinness drawing and the Ralph Lauren chair. Plus all the layers of accessories on the desk. I’m all about layers.









Cherry Blossoms

Pink Orchids

New York winters seem to get longer every year. The best cure for my seasonal depression was heading up to the New York Botanical Garden for the annual Orchid Show. Digital photography is an instant and easy way to play with composition.


This is a picture from one of my favorite projects. It’s a townhouse in Harlem with many rooms, but this one is my favorite. Pete’s study is so peaceful and so stylish. We had the wallpaper custom printed. It took forever and cost a small fortune. The results speak for themselves. It’s a romantic room fit for a writer like Dickens or Woolf. I hope it’s inspiring Pete to write more.


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